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Rachel Walker

King Shag

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  • Te Kawau-a-Toru was a sacred bird – a king shag, also known as a cormorant – loyal to Kupe. Possessing a huge wingspan, he was reputed to be ‘the eye of the ancestor’ – a special bird with insights into ancient knowledge. Kupe also had a pet pigeon, Rupe, who is said to have found so much food in the South Island’s forests that he neglected Kupe and remained there.

    Watercolour Limited Edition of 100

    Dimensions: 450mm x 370mm

  • 'I was created in Napier, New Zealand. A big thank you to my Mother.

    When i was fullsized, i captured my Bachelor of Design Degree at Massey University in Wellington.  Starting out in textiles, I moved through the arty realms of graphic design,

    screenprinting, video, and painting, to end up majoring in Illustration.

    My first solo exhibition  ‘The Jellyfish Crossroads’ opened in March 2010 , and since then i have been painting and exhibiting around New Zealand. Also working on developing my style, my knowledge of nature and evolution, researching strange animals, battling with my printer/scanner, and looking for commissions'.-Rachel Walker