Turning Japanese Sunset

Shane Hansen


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  •  My brother has lived in Japan for 12 years. He has a Japanese wife and three children. He is of Maori, Chinese and European descent. This piece is based on a series of coasters, I was gifted which feature "Japanese Babes". It depicts the new life he lives and the cultures which are part of this. The five blossoms on the kimono represent his whanau, the feathers in her hair his Maori, the manuka in her hair his kiwi, the sun in the background his Chinese.

    Dimensions: 700mm x 520mm

    20 limited edition screen prints with marbled pink & yellow background, hand gold foiling on archival stock

    Please allow 3-4 days for dispatch

  • Shane started his career as a self-taught fashion designer, setting up his own label at the age of 19, then going on to work for labels such as Canterbury International and Town & Country Surf Designs. His flair for fashion is evident in his work, through beautiful flowing lines and the use of tactile textures.
    'I want people to engage with my work in more than one way. I want them to touch it and smell it, as well as view it. By doing this they feel more connected to the piece and feel a sense of familiarity with it.'
    Shane works in many mediums such as wood, glass and metal which he sees as a reflection of his multi-cultural make-up. He mainly paints on plywood as the grains, knots and blemishes have a history, tell a story and bring a special depth to his work.'
    "An artist is what I am. It's taken me a few years to get here, but now I have arrived. My journey has just begun and I want others to come with me. I love doing what I do, I love being who I am. My family is my life and so is my art. I will do this till the day I die - or chop my hands off with the skill saw!'

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