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  • Urchins are found under rocks and rock shelves on the shore below the high-tide mark. They often have small stones, shells, and seaweed on their spikes as camouflage against predators. The Urchin light shade was inspired while we were walking along a beach and picked up a washed up shell of the sea urchin. We looked closely at the shell and the number of dots on each of the segments of the shell. From these features we designed the flowing interlocking curves of each element of the Urchin light shade. Lighting up the Urchin light shade explicitly reveals the flowing interlocking connections of each segment with its adjacent segment which represents the round dots of the shell.

    The Urchin can illuminate a room beautifully either as a pendant or fitted to a ceiling rose.


    Translucent White: 540mm diameter X220mm height

    Available in white.

  • Joug design is a family business run by husband and wife team, Jelle Nijdam and Helen Stipkovits.

    We are lucky to live in the beautiful country of Aotearoa. Our studio is based on Wellington's south coast overlooking the Cook Strait; on a clear day we can see as far as the snow capped Kaikoura ranges on the South Island. Looking at the complex and beautiful shapes in our natural environment; in our native forests; along our coasts and in the sea influences our designs. We are particularly drawn to the golden proportions and mathematical equations found within our native flora and fauna. Our natural environment gives us so much to be thankful for; therefore we do our best to leave a small as possible footprint behind. The materials we choose to work with all have a low carbon footprint as they are sourced from around Australasia. The plastic we use contains a 30% - 40% recycled component and we design specifically to minimize waste, however any waste product that is created is sent to a plastic recycle company.

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