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Cory Anne Mcvicar

NZ Tui

NZ Tui

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Queenstown local Artist.  

The tui is a native bird of New Zealand. It is mostly black, although there is some iridescent green/purplish colors mixed in with the black.

The tui is so iconic of New Zealand that there is even a beer named after it.

These birds are very loud and can make a remarkable range of calls. The tui can also mimic other birds, such as the bellbird.

Tui A4 print in 34.5 x 42 cm black frame with white border.

Created by Cory Anne. Using black ink and white acrylic she creates her piece. Adding water colour later for effect. Pieces tend to come also in Black and white. 

Cory is inspired by NZ and a lot of her art reflects this. Agriculture is a large industry here in NZ the people are green and eco friendly.  

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