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David Trubridge

Tui by David Trubridge

Tui by David Trubridge

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Tūī are the real characters of Aotearoa’s native bush. They hurtle through the bush with drumming wing-beats, miraculously avoiding branches whilst maintaining their cool charm. Their song is like no other: a series of clicks, gurgles and resonant, bell-like notes...some off our hearing scale! They have two dangling white wattles on their throats and around their shoulders is a necklace of interwoven rings which is the inspiration of our Tūī light. Half rings of bamboo are woven into a basket form that would sit perfectly over a dining table, kitchen counter or equally hanging in a stairwell or entrance void.

The Tui comes in 3 sizes.


Width: 400mm (16”)

Height: 500mm (20”)

Depth: 400mm (16”)

Weight: 520g (1.15lb)



Width: 540mm (21”)

Height: 680mm (27”)

Depth: 540mm (21”)

Weight: 700g (1.5lb)



Width: 760mm (30”)

Height: 950mm (37”)

Depth: 760mm (30”)

Weight: 2.4kg (5.3lb)

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